About Us

Skincare and Aprons?

We know, it’s an odd combination.

Sara started making aprons in 2006 after her third child shredded a vintage apron. So, she made herself a new one – and it just didn’t work well. After a making a few design changes and switching to better fabrics, she came up with a style that she loved, which eventually became the Flirty apron.

All of our fabrics are 100% cotton quilting fabrics that feel great and will not fade, even after repeated washings.   These aprons will last for years to come – just like the ones from your grandmother.

Sara makes each of the aprons personally in a smoke and pet free home and most of the designs are hers.   The others are adaptations of vintage apron patterns from designers such as Anne Adams and Marian Martin as well as other designs for which we only have the pattern and no designer whom we can credit.

And the skincare part?

After being diagnosed with allergies to synthetic fragrances and to formaldehyde several years ago, Sara and her family began to look for skin care products that did not irritate their skin. Those that they could find would have hidden allergens (preservatives can be hidden amongst other additives in skin care products) or would be very expensive. She decided that the easiest way to ensure that she would not have to worry about allergens would be to make the products herself.

Around the same time, Kris started soap making. She had purchased a bar of soap from a craft fair made with tea tree and goats milk and discovered that her skin looked better than it had in years. Unwilling to pay $6.00 a bar, she set out to make her own.

We have a firm commitment to using no synthetic fragrances or artificial colors, as well as limiting the amount of plastic used in our packaging. All products are free of parabens, sulfates, silicones, and formaldehyde (or formaldehyde releasing) ingredients.

We use Optiphen (Phenoxyethanol Caprylyl (and) Glycol) as a preservative to ensure that products that contain water (lotions, creams and toner) or that are likely to be exposed to water (scrubs) remain safe to use.   Products that do not contain water, like lotion bars, do not have a preservative added.