Bath Teas


The ultimate way to add a bit of decadence to your next bath.  No synthetic fragrances and loads of beneficial ingredients!

Just add one of these oversized tea bags to your water and enjoy.  Clean up is simple – the bags are even compostable.  No need to clean the tub after soaking.


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What is a bath tea? Salts, Herbs, maybe Essential Oils, all in a compostable tea bag.

Why use a tea bag instead of putting the tea directly into your tub? For myself, the last thing i want to do after a relaxing bath is to scoop chunks of rehydrated herbs out of the bathtub. So much easier to just toss the bag into the compost and be done with it!

How strong is the scent? The oatmeal and goat’s milk doesn’t have any scent at all-the entire purpose is moisture. Chamomile and Lavender has a stronger orange scent from the orange peel with undertones of chamomile and lavender. The rose tea is rather strong.

Why would the scent be strong? Simply because the scent will be diluted in with gallons of water for your bath.

What else can the tea be used for? This is a perfect opportunity for a foot bath. The scent will be a bit stronger, the salts more concentrated, and your feet softened. Follow up with a sugar or salt scrub to remove dead skin and a lotion bar to protect and seal your feet and you are set!

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